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(14 February 1948) Since the coming Christ with His sublime message of love and good-will, humanity has not known a happier or a more memorable event than the foundation of the Red Cross in Switzerland over eight decades ago. It came into this world without fanfare, without noise, without publicity, but surely with the blessing […]


(Extemporaneous Speech before Manila Lions, August 19, 1950) For almost two hours and a half I sat patiently by the side of the previous speakers listening to every word and scanning ever gesture during their delivery of their beautiful speeches, expecting to get or receive some illumination regarding the ways and means by which this […]

Speech of the Vice-President before the Manila Chapter

A picture of stark and shocking tragedy by one of splendid heroism flashed before my mind’s eye as I entered this hall a few minutes ago. The picture was kaleidoscopic, painful, and bloody, almost to the end. It was a composite picture of the enemy occupation from the fall of Manila to the return of […]

#QuirinoAt125 Lecture Series

The National Historical Commission of the Philippines with The National Museum in cooperation with The President Elpido Quirino Foundation presents #QuirinoAt125 Lecture Series Bernard Kerblat’s (UNHCR Representative in the Philippines) Philippines & Asylum: A Historical Perspective “A retrospect on a nation that served as a home to some of history’s refugees, reflecting its character and […]