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Teachers Should Spread Light

TEACHERS SHOULD SPREAD LIGHT ALMOST 45 years ago I was a barrio school teacher in a school site of which no longer appears in the map. It was washed away by the Abra River. The school was in barrio Caparia-an, formerly a part of the Municipality of Caoayan near Vigan. I taught school for one […]

Inaugural Speech of 1949

INAUGURAL ADDRESS OF HIS EXCELLENCY ELPIDIO QUIRINO PRESIDENT OF THE PHILIPPINES [Delivered at the Independence Grandstand, Manila, on December 30, 1949] My fellow Countrymen: The Republic of the Philippines was born in the shadow of a world war. Nurtured in democracy and reared in the midst of human anguish, it withstood the crushing impact of a major catastrophe […]

Inaugural Speech of 1948

 INAUGURAL REMARKS OF HIS EXCELLENCY ELPIDIO QUIRINO AFTER THE DEMISE OF MANUEL A. ROXAS [Delivered at Council of State Room, Executive Office Building, Malacañan Palace on April 17, 1948]

Advent Of An Island Nation

Four Hunded Years ago a group of fertile islands was known to dot this side of the blue Pacific. The semi barbarous and warlike dwellers were living in scattered communities independent of one another. They hardly had a social union. Many a time they fell upon one another to settle their tribal wrongs, and their […]